Nexus Software

Cyber Security

An IT security audit goes beyond deploying just a firewall. It identifies real-time risks that can compromise confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data. From the proactive security of information assets to data encryption services, we provide a holistic approach along with the best technology thus build a sound security strategy to keep business information safe and secure.

Web Security

The website security audit services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications

Security against various web attacks, DDoS & site scraping Assess the web applications for vulnerabilities Protecting data against unauthorized access/exposure Understand the security of apps handling critical data

Mobility Security

The mobility security audit offers end-to-end services including application mapping and reverses engineering to identify technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Review mobile app security requirements Identify risk with newly built mobile apps Eliminate security vulnerabilities Uncover gap in existing security defenses

Compliance Security

We imply an integrated approach to enhance enterprise security that protects information risk and integrate all the necessary tools needed for governance and compliance.

Retail & business - PCI-DSS compliance Healthcare - HIPAA, HITECH compliance Government compliance Auditing and reporting Request a Demo