Nexus Software

Application Development

Hybrid will be a great option if you want one single app for different platforms. Nexus Software offers a variety of hybrid apps to cater to your needs. Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms and in offline mode too. It is more convenient to launch them on the market faster. Trust our professionals—they will develop your iOS and Android apps with trending frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, React, Sencha, and IBM Worklite from scratch. Another benefit of using hybrid frameworks to develop your application is that maintenance becomes more affordable whenever you have migrated to the hybrid framework.

Custom Application Development

We build custom applications to help companies save smarter, grow faster, serve better; through automation, business process management, integrated systems to create unique advantages for the business. We use:

Content Management System

Every website is unique, and so is the Content Management System (CMS) it needs. We understand website build, underlying technology, integration with enterprise applications and above all - MarTech. We choose the most suited solution for your business and implement that with perfection to give your website a life. Some CMS we work with are:

API Development

In a connected world, it is more critical than ever that applications talk to each other. This allows to control redundancy, rework and manual interchange between systems.

We build strong, secure, scalable Application Programming Interface (API) to power the world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to tap the unlimited world of opportunities which the connected application brings forth with it.


E-commerce starts with your store, but needs to extend and work seamlessly with CRM, Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, Marketing Automation, A/B Testing, Re-marketing, Accounting/ERP, Third-party APIs (Inventory, PoS, Payments, Shipping) to enable you to build a successful business. We take a holistic view and help you with the entire technology and marketing stack. Some platforms we work with are: