Nexus Blue Launches 2018

Nexus Blue launches in 2018 as a platform to share best practices in marine management and fund innovative marine conservation projects so that together we can preserve marine species and restore the health of our oceans.

Thriving oceans provide jobs, improve national economies and feed the world. Unfortunately, our oceans are in trouble:

  • Fish stocks continue to decline—approximately 90% of fisheries are overfished or depleted,
  • Ocean pollution is increasing—5-13 million metric tons of plastic waste reach our oceans every year, and
  • Wildlife trafficking takes millions of critical marine species—over 70 million sharks are killed for their fins each year.

Yet sustainably managed fisheries and marine protected areas provide hope for protecting biodiversity, habitat and livelihoods.

Nexus Blue is a marine portal designed to improve marine management and raise awareness via three key components:

  1. Private e-learning modules, publications, and videos about best practices in marine management;
  2. A social forum for the marine community to network and discuss strategies for solving common problems;
  3. A crowd-funding platform for philanthropists to fund and follow their favorite projects.

Marine practitioners can access the latest tools and tips in marine management and collaborate with peers through registration on Nexus Blue. Registration allows access to both the Toolbox and Forum to access our library of documents, templates and training resources, as well as connect marine practitioners with their peers, non-profits and foundations.

Additionally, ocean enthusiasts can learn about and support marine conservation work around the world through both Nexus Blue’s projects incubator and small grants fund. You can support your favorite projects through crowd-funded donations to help them meet their conservation goals. Nexus Blue’s Small Grants Fund currently has $50,000 in available funding and will start accepting proposals on a rolling basis effective January 1, 2018.  Small grant funding amounts range from $500 – $10,000.

Marine practitioners around the world can submit their projects for consideration from the fund. Learn more about the application process here.

WildAid, a four-star rated charity, will review and select each project based on the following two criteria: innovation and impact. If selected, WildAid will work with the grantee to implement the project, review expenditures and provide technical assistance if deemed necessary. Donors can follow up on project progress through regular updates on the site.

Thanks to the support of the Helmsley Charitable Foundation and WildAid, Nexus Blue can become an important catalyst in the fight to protect our oceans.